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MOI Matching System

Item #: W8180CLUB-MOI

A Brand New Electronic Instrument for Directly Measuring the MOI of any Assembled Golf Club

- MOI Speed Match System allows for direct reading of the MOI of any club with much easier calculation of the changes to make to each club to ensure an MOI match.

- New software program allows for faster MOI Matching calculations

- Direct measurement of the MOI of any club with the new MOI Speed Match hardware

- Calibration "club" included to ensure complete accuracy of MOI measurement

- Dull instructions with illustrations included for both the MOI speed match machine and MOI software program

MOI Matching software operates with any PC with Windows 98 or newer.

What is MOI Matching?

The MOI of any object is a measurement of its resistance to being placed in motion. If each club in a set requires a different amount of force to swing the club (set it in motion), the golfer cannot be as consistent swinging each club in the set. Swingweight matching does not make each club within a set the same. MOI matching does. However, because golfers can be quite different in their strength, tempo and swing mechanics, the right MOI must be identified and fit for each golfer.


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Trajectory and Ball Flight Modeling Software

Trajectory  Software

Item # 8181TRAJ

Modern high tech clubfitting teaches that maximum distance for any golfer can only come when the ball is launched at the highest launch angle with the lowest backspin and the highest ball velocity... but only if all three factors occur at the same time.

Until now, trial and error with an expensive launch monitor was the only way to determine these parameters. TWGT has developed a revolutionary new Modeling Software which will actually predict the carry distance, trajectory, ball velocity and factor the effects of different clubhead C.O.R. Even the effect of the temperature, humidity, wind and altitude can be factored so the results are real for wherever you live!

TWGT's Launch Parameter Modeling software actually draws the trajectory of each shot and lists all output data of carry distance, shot height, and ball velocity when the ball lands on the ground, for every combination of input of ball velocity, backspin, launch angle and weather conditions.

This software is especially helpful in conjunction with the TWGT Launch Angle Gauge, where you can read and input the real launch angle for the golfer. A unique and proprietary learning, analysis and fitting tool that will put your clubmaking a step ahead of your competition. Requires 1 MB of hard disk space, 64MB RAM or higher and operates on Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP or ME operating systems. Click here for more details.


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Launch Angle Gauge

Launch Angle Gauge

Item # W8190LAG

Knowing the real launch angle of any golfer is a critical piece of information that can help clubmakers select the best loft and shaft flex for maximum carry distance for the golfer. Designed for use with only a hitting net and hitting mat, the launch angle gauge is hung 20" from the hitting mat level and 9 feet in front of the tee.

Coat the golf ball with cornstarch, hit into the gauge and note the real launch angle for any wood and most irons from the ball mark on the grid. Launch angle adjustments are included for different teeing heights to further ensure accuracy for golfers with different tee height preferences when they play. It is constructed from tough nylon reinforced tarp material and comes with hanging line.


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Golf Physics Virtual Fitting Software

Golf Swing Software

Item # W8182GSS

Golf Swing Software Screen Shot


Developed by TWGT Chief Engineer Art Mittendorf from hundreds of hours of testing and finite element analysis, the all new Golf Physics Virtual Fitting software is truly a remarkable piece of technology. Clubmakers will be able to learn incredible information not only about how different changes in the golf swing will result in changes in launch parameters, but will be able to “virtual build” any golf club and observe how it performs under the effect of the golf swing.

Allows changing the golf swing parameters of backswing angle, wrist cock angle, release angle, angle of attack, swing speed, ball position and arm length – the key swing parameters which control the effect of the swing on the golf club to determine the launch parameters.
Allows changing the golf club parameters of COR, shaft flex, loft, total weight, headweight, grip weight, length, and center of gravity position – thus virtually any golf club could be “built” in the software to be swung by any golf swing.
Outputs launch and swing parameters of launch angle, shaft bend angle, spin, ball velocity, and downswing acceleration – a true “virtual fitting” modeling program.

Includes an extensive INSTRUCTION MANUAL in the software which can be read on screen or printed – never before a part of Golf Physics version 1, this will make all the difference in teaching clubmakers how to use the new Golf Physics Virtual Fitting software and make it an effective part of their fitting training.
Also includes Help files and Tips to shorten the learning curve to operate the software to its full extent to enhance your learning of the relationship of the golf swing mechanics to club specifications and performance.
Tutorial plots are provided to explain the relationship between clubhead speed and the parameters of club length, headweight, backswing angle and wrist-cock angle – the program truly can explain how a golfer needs to change their swing to generate more power.


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Shaft Bend Profile System

Item # W8187PRO

This software displays bend profile graphs of hundreds of different branded, proprietary and OEM shafts in frequency, EI and deflection data form. It allows comparison of any shafts in the data base for bend profile; where on the shaft and by how much does the stiffness vary between any shafts.

Data base designed to be expanded as new shafts are developed in the future - allows importing and exporting of shaft data base files. Windows operating system only. Registration protected.

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Laser Shaft Bending Detector

Item # W8187LAS

A unique compact Laser Beam Detection Device which provides an audible feedback to measure the amount of Shaft Bending at impact.

Another original invention from the combined efforts of TWGT and golfmechanix.com, the Laser Shaft Bending Detector is designed to allow clubmakers to note the presence and amount of shaft bending prior to impact. With this unit, you can verify how much the shaft may be contributing to the final launch angle of any golf club.

Allows verification and basic measurement of the amount of shaft bending for any club and shaft combination.
Can be used to measure both the “target line bending” as well as “droop bending” of any shaft during actual ball striking.

Compact unit clamps on to any shaft with a secure, non-slip mechanism. Works in conjunction with an durable reflection strip which is placed on the ground to note the presence and amount of shaft bending before impact. Reflection strip is included.

Software included for making accurate shaft bending calculations. This software will operate on any PC with a Windows operating system of Windows 98 or newer. This includes Windows 98, XP, 2000.

Full instructions for operation and explanation of the measurement technique included with each unit.

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